Arts is a collection of perl scripts that allow you to input text into a quick and dirty knowledge base. It's designed to save information that is generated for email (either by design or choice) that is determined to be valuable away for safekeeping and future use. It turns out is an excellent documentation tool for a small company or association.

There is more information in the Arts POD.

Arts requires perl and the perl MailTools collection. It needs a mail server that can send to a pipe via an alias and the documents that get created are set up to be served over the web.

You can get the MailTools package from CPAN.See

Arts development is hosted at Sourceforge. Thanks to them. Here is the obligatory logo:


Project bugs, file releases, CVS, mailing list, etc are all available from the sourceforge project page. You are encouraged to report bugs, provide patches, participate.

You can also find the most recent file releases here.

There is a sample arts repository on that helps to show what it is all about and why it might be handy.

Arts works well with webwatcher.

Please contact the author at the address below if you have any questions.

Thanks to the following for helpful feedback and commentary: